VI TO XII Grades


Samacheer Kalvi (சமச்சீர் கல்வி) is a unified education system also known as the Tamil Nadu Uniform System of School Education or Equitable education system by the School Education Department of Government of Tamil Nadu, India. The system operates to unify the various school education systems within the state.

Samacheer Kalvi is responsible for catering to 1.2 crore students across four school education streams, consisting of nearly 45,000 state board schools, 11,000 matriculation schools, 25 oriental schools, and 50 Anglo-Indian schools with a different syllabus, textbooks and schemes of examinations. This uniform Samacheer Kalvi system of school education, introduced by the Tamil Nadu Uniform System of School Education Act 2010, provides access to quality education to all these children without any discrimination based on their economic or socio-cultural status or background.

The need for a unified system led to the creation of this system, and it has worked to reduce the differences between the Matriculation or CBSE students and the Government School students. Samacheer Kalvi has worked to unify the education system for Tamil Nadu students by standardising, right from their syllabus to the uniforms and textbooks. Since 2010 we at our school follow Samecheer curriculum from VI to XII.

The groups available for XI and XII

Group 1: Physics, Chemistry,Biology & Mathematics

Group 2: Physics, Chemistry,Mathematics & Computer Science

Group 3: Accounts, Commerce, Economics & Computer Application

Hindi Prachar Sabha

  • The school offers the students from 4th to write the Hindi Prachar Sabha exams